Writing a speculative cover letter uk style

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Writing a speculative cover letter uk style

Where Parts 2 and 4 of the Form do not, between them, contain enough information to enable the applicant to be contacted, the contact information in Part 12 may suffice. If the inventor is not also an applicant he should not be named on Form 1.

Exceptionally, a pseudonym may be used if it is well established and is customarily used by the individual for banking and other business purposes. The name must be given in full, the surname or family name being underlined.

Letters or statements denoting academic or professional qualifications may appear after the name. A statement of nationality or occupation is not required and should not be given.

Once a particular established name and signature has been used subsequent business should not be effected by the same individual using a different name or signature unless the name has changed, eg due to marriage. A corporate body should be designated by its legal name.

Applications from police forces should be made by the relevant Police Authority.

writing a speculative cover letter uk style

Rd, USA, are allowable. If the applicant disagrees he should be advised that the onus is on him to ascertain from the Foreign Office what is considered to be an acceptable designation. Title of Invention r. By virtue of s. The title should avoid disclosing the invention, since it is published in the Journal prior to publication of the application under s.

Address for Service Details The agent need not be registered see The comptroller has the power to require an agent to produce evidence, at any stage in proceedings, that he is authorised.

This will be done only if there is some reason for doubting the authority or for requiring it to be confirmed. If however, subsequent to the filing of Form 1, the applicant wishes to change his agent or an agent is appointed for the first time, the incoming agent must file Patents Form Notification on Form 51 should not be made if the new agent will only perform administrative tasks such as paying renewal fees or registering an assignment.

If an applicant who has been represented by an agent decides to dispense with the services of the agent and represent himself as a private applicant, then he should be advised to provide written confirmation of this change. If a specific authorisation is filed it will, although redundant, be allowed to remain on the file.

An address for service of a patent agent cannot be accepted in the Channel Islands unless they also have a residence or place of business in the UK, Isle of Mann or the European Economic Area see Communication with the applicant can only be through this address; if an agent has been appointed and the applicant contacts the office direct he must be advised to communicate through his agent.

If there is no acceptable address for service on an application and there is sufficient information to contact the applicant, he should be contacted and be directed to file an acceptable address for service within 2 months this period can be extended using Rule 2 and 3 — see If an acceptable address is not provided within this time period, or there is insufficient information to make contact with anyone to provide such an address, the application is treated as withdrawn.

Likewise if no agent has apparently been appointed and an address given in part 3 is within the United Kingdom, another EEA state or the Channel Islands, this will be entered as the address for service on COPS. The file number of the earlier application should preferably also be stated if it is available.

A copy of the earlier application and any necessary translation do not however need to be filed at this stage. Claiming an Earlier Application Date In the case of an application under s. If the application fee is paid at a later date, a surcharge will be payable.

Documents making up the application A reference must be substantiated by the filing of a certified copy within the time specified by rule 22 3which is four months from the date of filing, and a description must be filed within the time specified by rule 22 1which is the same period as for the claims and abstract and is the later of twelve months from the earliest date or two months from the date of filing.

Where both a description is filed and the details of an earlier application are given in Part 10 of the Form, the applicant or his agent should be contacted to clarify under which of the mutually exclusive options of s.

Documents accompanying the application Where a signature is missing, the formalities examiner should raise an objection requiring a duly signed form to be submitted see 15A. Person to contact Application of Rule 4 2 An extensive list of short story competitions, including global & UK short story writing contests.

Details on entry fees, deadlines, prize money & more.

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writing a speculative cover letter uk style

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