The progress of hong kong after the handover essay

It has its own background through the special circumstances which are dominating this relationship. Especially, since the handover of Hong Kong, as a former British colony, back to China Scott, China was defeated by the British in two wars in the 19th century which consequently led to three contracts Treaty of Nanking, the Convention of Beijing and the Convention for the Extension of Hong Kong.

The progress of hong kong after the handover essay

Presented as archival content. Unlike most articles on Britannica. Rather, they are presented on the site as archival content, intended for historical reference only. The ceremony culminated a year transition that had been initiated by the Sino-British Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong, signed by the heads of the two governments in December The agreement stipulated that under Chinese rule the HKSAR would enjoy a high degree of autonomyexcept in matters of foreign relations and defense, and that the social and economic systems as well as the lifestyle in Hong Kong would remain unchanged for 50 years after They feared that China would drastically curtail the rights and freedoms of Hong Kong residents.

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Unsatisfied with incomplete control of the harbour, the British forced China to cede Kowloon Peninsula south of what is now Boundary Street and Stonecutters Island less than 20 years later, after the second Opium War By the Convention ofthe New Territories together with islands were leased to Britain for 99 years from July 1, After the communists took power in China inHong Kong became a sanctuary for hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing communist rule.

In the following decades the Chinese government insisted that the treaties giving Britain sovereignty over Hong Kong were invalid. Sharply breaking with past practice, Patten initiated a series of political reforms designed to give the people of Hong Kong a greater voice in government via democratic elections to the Legislative Council LegCo.

In essence, what Lee called the "Singaporization" of Hong Kong--i. Pomp and pageantry marked the formal handover ceremony. In attendance were numerous dignitaries from around the world, including Pres. Prince Charles, who gave a short speech in which he congratulated the colony on its political, economic, and social successes, told the people of Hong Kong, "We shall not forget you, and we shall watch with the closest interest as you embark on this new era of your remarkable history.

Deng had passed away on February 19, just four and a half months before the handover he had hoped to witness. Chinese authorities did not attempt to suppress several rallies outside the LegCo building on June July 1, even when Lee addressed thousands of demonstrators from a balcony after LegCo had officially been dissolved.

The protests proceeded peacefully. Tung, in his first speech as chief executive, skirted the issues of political rights and democracy, choosing to espouse "traditional Chinese values.

Tung counted on enhanced social programs, including government payments to the elderly poor, and continuing prosperity to marginalize political opposition to his new administration.

Tung and the provisional legislature prepared for the first posthandover legislative elections in mid by reworking the rules of the political game. On July 8 it was announced that only 20 of the 60 legislative seats would be filled via a system of proportional representation.

The progress of hong kong after the handover essay

In the first months after the handover, Hong Kong was indeed stable. The outlook for the free exercise of political and civil rights in Hong Kong was clouded, however.

Members of the Democratic Party protested that the new electoral system was created to minimize their influence, and Lee predicted that the Democrats would win no more than 10 of the 20 directly elected seats.

In late June Taiwan conducted live-fire military exercises, which were intended as a signal to China that Taiwan would resist any attempts at reunification.Hong Kong’s reversion to the People’s Republic of China by the British was overwhelming for any Hong Kong local such as me.

After all, I was born to a culture that was greatly influenced by foreigners, whose traditions were welcomed with much familiarity by the citizens .

The Tourism Industry In Hong Kong Tourism Essay. Print Reference this. Hong Kong’s economic become even worse when the economic downturn, achievements and progress in social development for Hong Kong people. Therefore, the amount of unemployment is increase. but after Hong Kong handover to China, Hong Kong people have return and this.

Analysis Report: 10 Years After Hong Kong's Handover Mainland Affairs Council June 28, Self-restraints exercised by the Hong Kong SAR government and forceful.

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Censorship in Hong Kong, of several staff and contributors who were considered critical of China or its supporters in Hong Kong. Before the handover, their popular cartoonist Larry Feign, Luk Hon-tak, former director-general of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong.

The Handover of Hong Kong was the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to China in a ceremony on 30 June members of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong felt impatient at the long-running secrecy over the progress of Sino-British talks on the Hong Kong issue. Before , Hong Kong was being the colony of the United Kingdom, politics in Hong Kong is different from the mainland China and it is unique from other countries.

After , the sovereignty of Hong Kong is regressed to China, then the Hong Kong politics was under the foundation of ‘One Country.

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