Snowglobe writing activities

I told the kids ahead of time to come dressed for the snow! I took their pictures in front of a blank background, and told them to pose how they would like to be positioned with their snowman in the snow globe! To make the snow globes they traced the plate on light blue construction paper and carefully cut it out.

Snowglobe writing activities

It is an autobiography of William Bentley's life. As a 4th grade team, we decided to do a couple of snowflake activities. We watched a short clip on "The Snowflake Man" on YouTube and we also decided to make borax crystal snowflakes as a science experiment as well as some other things.

The crystal experiment did not go so well in my class, but the other teachers had good results. That made it a good experiment! To incorporate the snowy idea into writing, I decided to do a snow globe writing activity.

After thinking about the writing, I quickly searched Pinterest for any other ideas and found many. I saw a couple that used the student pictures and I knew that was a great idea for me.

I have been using students pictures in fun ways for many years.


To begin, we did some pre-writing activities. I got my students thinking about what you do in the snow by listening to a couple of snow themed books on TumbleBooks and watching a Reading Rainbow video clip on Discovery Education.

Then I had them think about what life would be like if they lived inside of a snowglobe. After they took some time to think on thier own, I had them share with a partner. It is always best to have students share their ideas out loud before writing.

Once we were finished sharing, I had the students trace their hand on a sheet of paper. Each finger got a label. See- What would they see in their snow globe? Do- What activities would they do in their snow globe? Eat- What would they eat in their snow globe? Feel- How would they feel about living in their snow globe?

Hear- What would they hear in their snow globe? I modeled what each one of the fingers could look like with words and then had the students brainstorm a few words or phrases on their hand so they could begin writing. I had the students use the sentence frame: If I lived in a snow globe My only requirements were that they incorporate all of their fingers into their writing.

I left the order in which they wrote up to them.


I also had a couple of students ask if they could explain how they got there and I said that was fine. After the students were finished with their rough drafts and editing they were allowed to type on the computer. I saved a template on our file share the students could access.Snow Globe Sight Word Printable Activity The cold weather has finally arrived where we live, and what better way to spend time indoors than some winter-themed learning activities!

Today I am sharing a snow globe sight word activity with pre-primer dolch words for preschoolers and kindergarten. FREE activity pack to go with the book The Snow Globe Family!

snowglobe writing activities

Perfect for a Kindergarten winter theme. The Snow Globe Family: This mini pack contains book study companion activities that go with the fun winter story The Snow Globe Family by Jane O'Connor.

Activity pages include: story map characters in the story text-to 4/5(72). Kindergarten Writing Teaching writing Writing Activities Writing ideas Writing Prompts Teaching Ideas Winter activities Writing Workshop Writing Resources Forward First Grade Blue Skies: Label It Space!

and Snowglobe Writing Prompt Freebie. Tori's Teacher Tips: Snow Globes SUPER CUTE! {Ranger Kids Christmas craft -- {Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow! Writing If I lived in a snow globe This activity will get children motivated to write by completing a craft first.

snowglobe writing activities

On this page you will find fun Christmas and winter English teaching resources and lesson plans: snowman and wreath shaped creative writing templates, snow globe and penguin reading sticker charts, Christmas poetry worksheets, grammar powerpoint presentations, and .

Tara Teaches: If I Lived in a Snow Globe