Iron jawed angels review

October 30, Author: Although many historical fiction movies incorporate fallacies to events in order to make them more appealing, Iron Jawed Angels limits this behavior. Both Leightons demonstrated the range of classes found within the NWP, including the highest classes. One part of the movie that should have been highlighted more was when Ida Wells-Barnett told Paul that both colors should march together on their way to the White House or colored people would not march at all.

Iron jawed angels review

Iron jawed angels review

Posted by Katherine B. Shelor Aug 26, Reviews 0 Overview: HBO; ; minutes. When it comes to films about the fight to guarantee roughly fifty percent of the adult population a say in the government under which they live, however, the United States has literally one option: Somehow, the abuses Alice Paul and her Silent Sentinels faced at the hands of ordinary citizens, the US government, and police—all suffered simply to secure women the same voice as men in their government—have Iron jawed angels review almost entirely overlooked by Hollywood.

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They flip a coin over who gets to buy a hat in a shop window; for reasons not clear to the audience, this hat is supposed to be significant, and reappears throughout the film. Here we have distraction 1: For the first part of the film, action is set to music that would be at home in a s rom-com, but not a period piece set in the early twentieth century.

This is a confusing choice. Perhaps modern music was chosen to reflect the modern ideas of our heroines, but regardless of the reasoning, the result is jarring. Along with the music are equally disconcerting cuts and increased frame rates that make the viewer wonder if what they are seeing is intentional or a streaming issue they need to take up with their internet provider—distraction 3.

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Fortunately, the style of the film calms down as the story progresses, and by the second half the audience is permitted to become absorbed in the struggle of the suffragettes for a voice in the government under which they live.

Here, the cast is allowed to shine, and their talent in combination with some good writing leads to some fairly impactful and inspiring scenes. When the story is allowed to stand on its own, and the actors can get on with their work, the film becomes successful.

It shows us the strength of women. It teaches us that we owe freedoms we take for granted to women who fought tooth and nail for those freedoms.

The material on which the film is based is rich, and considering the scope of the movement and constraints of a TV movie, Iron Jawed Angels handles it well. Its primary weaknesses are its attempt to shrug the style of a period piece by using modern music and rapid cuts—inconsistently—and the unaccountable focus on that hat.

At one point during the film, Ida Wells-Barnett, a black suffragette, appears and declares that she will march with her peers or not at all during the woman suffrage parade. We see her one more time, during the parade, when she joins the white women at the front.

This was based on true events, although the argument between Alice Paul and Ida Wells-Barnett was a fabrication purely for the movie. The two scenes are the only times race is addressed during the film, and the way it is done seems like an afterthought.

The invented argument between Alice and Ida, however, gives white women an out—it seems to say that Alice Paul, given the chance at the time, could have been convinced that suffrage should not ignore issues of race.

Include the detail about the segregation of black suffragettes to the back of the parade, but do it without giving Alice Paul and the white suffragettes a moment of redemption on that score. On the whole, however, Iron Jawed Angels leaves the viewer feeling triumphant and vaguely angry that suffrage was ever a debate in the U.

The writing is pretty good. The cast of women is talented. The platform and production… are disappointing.German filmmaker Katja von Garnier directs the HBO original movie Iron Jawed Angels, inspired by a pivotal chapter in American history.

Hilary Swank plays Alice Paul, an American feminist who risked her life to fight for women's citizenship and the right to vote. She founded the separatist National Woman's Party and wrote the first equal rights amendment to be presented before Congress.

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4 stars based on 31 reviews Essay. introduce yourself mba essay review. Iron Jawed Angels - Iron Jawed Angels Iron Jawed Angels is a film which portrays the women's suffrage movement during the 's. The film is a documentary and a drama which uses live action and music to deliver the sympathetic and distressful mood the film creates.

Iron-Jawed Angels is a fantastic movie, and it should not be seen in isolation. This movie certainly had an agenda, and part of that agenda was to educate and remind women of the struggles that others went through to get us where we are today.

"Iron Jawed Angels" is a fascinating film mixed with humor and heartbreak that resonates with a contemporary audience. (Natasha Grant, Amsterdam News) Directed by Katja von Garnier, whose cinematic flair was revealed in 's "bandits", the film positions itself to embody a .

Iron Jawed Angels Summary & Analysis Iron Jawed Angels starts off focusing on two well-to-do women named Alice Paul and Lucy Burns. After participating in the women’s suffrage movement in England as suffragettes, the two ladies decided to spread this ideal in America.

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