How to write attention-getting memos letters and emails

Writing Memos[ edit ] A memo or memorandum is a communication note that records events or observations on a topic. Memos are typically used within a business environment as an interoffice tool and can serve many purposes. Today, emails can be considered a common type of memo. For example, they call attention to issues that may need to be resolved, they update clients and other colleagues on the status of active projects, and finally, they give solutions to colleagues on issues that are related to the project being worked on.

How to write attention-getting memos letters and emails

There are exceptions to this, of course—I know people who use it for various kinds of advertising, for example. But its brief and personal nature convinces me that it is the communication of our times.

Sometimes, however, students may be called upon to engage in other written genres with different requirements, such as the business memo, which is also short, although not as short as a tweet. Students should learn the features of a memo as they will be called upon to write them in the future.

These lines immediately focus the reader on who sent the memo and why. However, the memo is also concise, meaning that important concerns are packed into its short space and addressed in an economical way.

The repairperson needs to be called. The writer of the memo has an at least implied purpose—get the printer repaired—while the writer of the tweet has no real purpose beyond the communication itself and establishing a connection with the reader.

It is for this impersonal tone that the passive is used in business so much. This tone is in stark contrast to the personal tone often found in tweets and other informal written communication: Show an example Students are likely to have never seen a memo. Show a simple example on the projector and analyze its various parts, such as the heading, message portion, and signature line.

Discuss how the different forms are alike and different, perhaps outlining those differences on the board in columns. Discuss why the differences exist and the audiences each form is directed at.

In this way, students begin to develop a sense of audience and genre expectations.

Introductory Paragraph

Please use Parking Lot B until further notice. By looking at several different memos with different topics but with the same format, students will begin to understand the genre format. Also assign partners and have students write memos to each other on a topic, such as addressing increased employee tardiness.

Students can discuss the topic with each other briefly and then write the memo to their partners. They may write in long hand or on computers if your classroom is computer-assisted.

In summary, the tweet and the memo are not only two different types of writing; they represent the different genre expectations of the personal and the business world. In introducing and teaching the business memo, the teacher introduces the expectations of professional written communication: If you enjoyed this article, please help spread it by clicking one of those sharing buttons below.

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Difference Between Memo and Letter | Difference Between | Memo vs Letter

Writing for business includes multiple types of formats including, but not limited to, cover letters, resumes, memos, e-mails, letters, proposals, business plans, and formal reports.

This section will focus on how to be a successful business writer. Jun 27,  · Email your rankings to Ellen Barstow in Human Resources.

how to write attention-getting memos letters and emails

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How to write a Memorandum Letter | Sample

Memos frequently address a small or large group of people, but some of the memos you write may be intended for one person. Memos often share new information, like changes to schedules or benefits, or they may encourage the reader to take an action, such as attend a meeting or use less paper.

Your aim in writing a memo is the same as with other professional correspondence: You want to quickly and . Write the sender's full address, telephone number and email address. Next, write the current date with the month, day and year. Lastly, write the receiver's full inside address, including the company name or receiver's name, the street address, city, state and ZIP code.

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Beyond Tweeting: Writing the Business Memo