How to write a quest story

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How to write a quest story

The quest story has been popular for many centuries.

how to write a quest story

From "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" to the Harry Potter series, writers have taken us on journeys full of adventure. But they also teach us something about ourselves and the world we live in.

Take the time to develop your characters. Traditionally the quest story has involved a hero as the protagonist with the heroine either left at home or the reward at the end of the journey. Make sure the object or person sought is compelling enough to warrant a journey.

Something sets the hero off on his quest and he must stick it out until he reaches the end. Odysseus, for example, has triumphed in the war against Troy and must return to his home, wife and son no matter what adversity he has to face on the way.

Plan the complicating incidents that will prevent your hero from reaching the end of his journey. These should move the story along at a rapid pace. Quests by nature have a lot of action.

how to write a quest story

Remember that a quest story is essentially a search for wisdom. Your protagonist must be different when he gets to the end of his journey.

Often wisdom is passed on to him from older characters.

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He must also fail and make amends because the hero, like all protagonists, is really each one of us. Spend time working on your ending. Tip In a story where the romance is important, make the heroine seek the object or person that the hero seeks but for different reasons.

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How to Characterize a Protagonist

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The quest narrative is one of the oldest and surest ways of telling a story. The Odyssey is essentially a quest narrative, with Odyssey’s journey back to his wife and son serving as the basis for the quest.

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From Homer's "The Odyssey" to "The Hunger Games," the quest narrative has captivated the imagination of readers. A classic story of an unlikely hero coming into his own on a challenging journey, the plot follows a specific set of stages that both advance the events and gradually develop the main character.

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