Exemplar essays an inspector calls

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Exemplar essays an inspector calls

Social class is very important in an inspector calls as its influence can be seen throughout the criminal play. Priestley presents social class by using different characters. These characters are made up by priestley to convey his ideas and views. The difference in social class can be seen as very important for women.

For example in Sheila Birling is treated differently to Eva smith, because of their social class Sheila is not expected to work and is seen as a different person to Eva, who is expected to work and is seen as a whore by men who have encountered her.

Moreover near the middle of the play when sheila encountered Eva for the first time she got her sacked from the shop, Priestley may have done this to indicate the upper working class owned or controlled the lower working class. Priestley may have done this to indicate that the upper working class may have learnt their lesson but it was too late to do anything about it.

Moreover the character of Eva may have been created by priestley to represent a large group of lower working class women as smith is a popular name, so her death could possibly represent the deaths of many lower working class women.

However Sheila on the other hand is a less popular name, and priestley may have used this represent that only a small number of upper working class women learnt their lesson. The crime play indicates that it is not sheila and eric who learnt the inspectors lesson but it's is the next generation, their kids who learnt the inspectors lesson.Jun 12,  · An Inspector Calls Exemplar Essay.

Year 10! An Inspector Calls – Grade 8 Exemplar – Year PS. Year 13 Language students: want to see some A grade language change essays? Year Want to have a goosey at some A* Literature mock exams? Follow us on Twitter My Tweets. The dramatist of ‘An Inspector Calls’ John Boynton Priestly was alive between and in this clip he served in the First World War where in he was [ ] Free Essays.

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Six exemplar responses on character and theme questions for An Inspector Calls.

Exemplar essays an inspector calls

The model essays range in quality from grade 5 standard to grade 8/9. I have added the mark awarded to each essay after requests in the feedback. Includes: Explore how Priestly uses Mr Birling to explore ideas about class/5(7).

Exemplar essays an inspector calls
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