Essay on obeying elders

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Essay on obeying elders

By Various Contributors Obedience Definition and meaning: And this is what the English word obedience means today. There is need for obedience in human life. Obedience is necessary in private life, social life and in every other sphere of life where one is expected to do his duty or earn his livelihood.

Children must obey their parents. Students must obey their teachers.

Essay on obedience to parents and elders

We should remember that obedience is the rule of life and without it life is never complete. Workers must obey the command of their officers and the public must obey the command of their leaders. They should do this to ease their progress and fulfill their duties to the best of their ability and satisfaction.

On the other hand if there is any disruption anywhere, it will lead to chaos, confusion and anarchy. Children should obey their parents.

Obeying parental precepts shows our respect. Children are taught to obey the command of the elders because it is the first lesson that they should learn.

If a child does not obey his parents, he is sure to be spoilt. On the other hand a child who obeys his parents and acts according to their instructions has a bright future. Man is a social animal and to live in the society man has to obey certain rules, tradition, customs and conventions.

If necessary he should be ready to curtail his personal liberty to secure social life and mend his social behavior. The things that blind the society such as love, friendship, fellow-felling, religion and culture all are bound by rules and obedience to these rules enables us to lead a happy social life.

On the other hand those who break away from these social norms and want to build a society of their own without due respect for rules suffers a lot in life. It helps in keeping the social structures running smoothly. If everyone is obedient to key precepts society keeps on running smoothly.

It helps in stopping crimes.

Essay on obeying elders

Obedience to the law stops people from committing crimes. Types of obedience Parental: Obedience is a necessary element of life. However, blind obedience to unquestioned authority is bad.

Sometimes some autocrats and despots do not give justice to the people.

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They oppress them like anything and force them to obey blindly the rules imposed by them. In such cases, people with should fight for right law and justice. But otherwise, normal obedience to elders and superiors is very necessary for success in life.Nov 21,  · Essay om kulturell identitet ensamhet prepare an essay let peace begin with me essay the importance of being earnest gwendolen essay narrative essay ides isopachyte analysis essay exemple de dissertations theologe essay man of the house short story analysis essay determinismus beispiel essay urban omnibus essay laughter is the best medicine.

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Jun 26,  · How to Respect Your Elders. Help them with reading signs and important papers. Elderly people often enjoy the same things as young people, just in a different way. They may love hearing their favorite music, eating delicious food, hearing some juicy gossip, or going for a walk in a beautiful place%().

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