Dissertation on internet addiction

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Problematic computer use is a growing social issue which is being debated worldwide.

Dissertation on internet addiction

If your essay has a persuasive point, you can use any scenario that helps readers to sympathize with the point you want to make. If not, then the moral of the story should be the importance of the topic, stressing the impact it can have on people.

Ideally the quote should come from someone of importance in the field of your topic, and at the very least from a trustworthy source that your audience can respect.

Internet Addiction: A Brief Summary of Research and Practice

Do NOT quote from the dictionary the start an essay, unless that definition is actually important to a point of your own. After all, both sections want to summarize the main point of your essay in a memorable way. However, the reader now has more information than they did when reading the introduction.

You might reword your thesis statement for the conclusion paragraph, but it would no longer need to include the major supporting reasons. Instead, be sure the conclusion paragraph contributes something new to the essay by extending the main thesis beyond the scope of the essay.

Some ways to do this include: What are the continuing consequences of your topic, and how might things change over time? Especially if your essay is persuasive, you can describe possible worst-case and best-case scenarios related to whether the audience accepts or rejects your argument.

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Dissertation Paper on Addiction

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Dissertation On Internet Addiction

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Dissertation on internet addiction

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Dissertation On Internet Addiction