Development of a critical thinking disposition scale for nursing students

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Development of a critical thinking disposition scale for nursing students

Abstract Purpose The purpose of this study was to develop a critical thinking disposition scale for nursing students. Method The developmental process was construction of a conceptual framework, development of preliminary items, verification of content validity, development of secondary items, verification of construct validity and extraction of final items.

The conceptual framework and first preliminary 60 items were obtained through a review of relevant literature and the development of critical disposition scales by 10 researchers who had been studying critical thinking for one year.

These items were reviewed by five specialists for content validity and finally 55 items were chosen.

Development of a critical thinking disposition scale for nursing students

The subjects were composed of Bachelor of Science nursing students from 8 nursing schools. Result There were 35 final items which were sorted into 8 factors.

Development of a critical thinking disposition scale for nursing students

The cumulative percent of variance was Conclusion The result of this study could be used for measuring critical thinking dispositions of nursing students.

However, for further validity and reliability, repeated research is necessary. Nursing students; Critical Thinking Formats.[page ii] NOTE: The estimated gross cost of preparing the Report, the five Appendices and the Volumes of Evidence is £,, of which £45, is the estimated cost of sample surveys and £8, is the estimated cost of printing and publication: the latter sum covers the .

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The goal of the NCECT is to articulate, preserve, and foster intellectual standards in critical thinking research, scholarship, and instruction. The NCECT is a creation of the Foundation for Critical Thinking. The council presently consists of about 8, leading educators.

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Critical thinking disposition of nursing students was in general, which was similar compared with the value reported by Yang [2], investigated with the same instrument for nursing students and lower than the previous result of [11].

International Journal of Caring Sciences January– April Volume 10 | Issue 1| Page CTS Tools for Faculty and Student Assessment; Critical Thinking and Assessment; Scores below 40 on a specific scale are weak in that CT disposition, and scores above 50 on a scale are strong in that dispositional aspect.

Dexter et al. recommended that all schools develop universal criteria for evaluating students' development of.

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