Corporate network management essay

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Corporate network management essay

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Embark on a network design project identifying current and future business requirements to ensure you plan the right technology as your business grows. One of the most critical choices is deciding if your business should consolidate voice services over the data network to minimize the cost of the network.

When you highlight these types of issues and discuss requirements clearly at the start of the project, you benefit both financial and technical planning. Meet with co-workers from each area of your company to understand their application and potential expansion requirements.

Local area networks support a single location, like an office or building, using switches that provide ports to connect servers, storage hardware, computers, phones and printers to the network.

The LAN itself consists of cabling, switches and routers that provide connectivity to the Internet as well as additional locations, if required, and routing between LAN segments. Step 2 Plan and design the cable layout.

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Cabling plays an important part of network design as it provides the physical communication path for your manufacturing company. Consult with a cable design professional experienced in manufacturing areas to minimize the potential for equipment interference.

Step 3 Create a spreadsheet to gather key details needed for the design. Information collected must include the number of users per location, their roles, LAN port speeds and node types, such as printers and any hardware that will be connected to the network.

Other network requirements include programmable logic controllers for robotics or other automated systems requiring network connectivity.

Configure the spreadsheet by listing physical locations across the top columns and creating row categories for users. List the total number of users per site and classification type, such as office, engineering and manufacturing.

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Another classification section should address the computer room, identifying each server and the applications hosted, as well as operating systems and network card speeds.

Step 4 Analyze network performance in its current state. Use protocol analyzers and network management software and perform the analysis at various times of a business day, such as at the start of shifts, after lunch and during periods that typically result in increased traffic, such as running month-end financial processes or moving complex engineering data over the network.

This activity provides information associated with LAN and WAN performance, protocols used and areas in the existing topology that create performance bottlenecks along with application characteristics.

The protocol analyzer may be able to identify protocols running by default on some nodes that create overhead and can be turned off.

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Step 5 Collect your existing physical and logical network diagrams to support the current state design. Identify routers, switches, LAN uplink bandwidth, network equipment cabinets, power and cooling information, and current standards for the fiber and the copper cable plant.The notion that corporate network management is a cost to a business rather than a continual beneficial investment is a naive assumption that requires further investigation to the benefits that network management brings.

Definition. Network governance involves a select, persistent, and structured set of autonomous firms (as well as nonprofit agencies) engaged in creating products or services based on implicit and open-ended contracts adapt to environmental contingencies and to coordinate and safeguard ex-changes.

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Corporate network management essay

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Corporate network management essay

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