Article cradle to cradle the next packaging paradigm essay

Newcorn has three objectives in mind in order to achieve such an end: While the prospects for his suggestion are noble, it can hardly be denied that the possibilities remain to be seen.

Article cradle to cradle the next packaging paradigm essay

It is time to sound a loud alarm about this threat to American unity and community, act to stop the growing criminalization of children at younger and younger ages, and tackle the unjust treatment of minority youths and adults in the juvenile and adult criminal justice systems with urgency and persistence.

The failure to act now will reverse the hard-earned racial and social progress for which Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We must all call for investment in all children from birth through their successful transition to adulthood, remembering Frederick Douglass's correct observation that "it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

At crucial points in their development after birth until adulthood, more risks pile on, making a successful transition to productive adulthood significantly less likely and involvement in the criminal justice system significantly more likely.

As Black children are more than three times as likely as White children to be poor, and are four times as likely to live in extreme poverty, a poor Black boy born in has a one in three chance of going to prison in his lifetime and is almost six times as likely as a White boy to be incarcerated for a drug offense.

Article cradle to cradle the next packaging paradigm essay

The past continues to strangle the present and the future. Children with an incarcerated parent are more likely to become incarcerated. Black children are nearly nine times and Latino children are three times as likely as White children to have an incarcerated parent.

Blacks constitute one-third and Latinos one-fifth of the prisoners in America, and 1 in 3 Black men, 20 to 29 years old, is under correctional supervision or control. Inequitable drug sentencing policies including mandatory minimums have greatly escalated the incarceration of minority adults and youths.

The Cradle to Cradle ® design concept: Cradle to Cradle ® is a design concept inspired by nature, in which products are created according to the principles of an ideal circular economy. This differentiates Cradle to Cradle ® from conventional recycling and the concept of eco-efficiency. Cradle to cradle Essay. Cradle-to-Cradle Design at Herman Miller: Moving Toward Environmental Sustainability. Cradle-to-cradle: the next packaging paradigm? From the archives: An architect and a chemist make a compelling business argument for ecologically “intelligent” packaging that’s also good for the bottom line.

Child poverty and neglect, racial disparities in systems that serve children, and the pipeline to prison are not acts of God. They are America's immoral political and economic choices that can and must be changed with strong political, corporate and community leadership.

No single sector or group can solve these child- and nation-threatening crises alone but all of us can together. Leaders must call us to the table and use their bully pulpits to replace our current paradigm of punishment as a first resort with a paradigm of prevention and early intervention.

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That will save lives, save families, save taxpayer money, and save our nation's aspiration to be a fair society. Health and mental health care and quality education cost far less than prisons. If called to account today, America would not pass the test of the prophets, the Gospels, and all great faiths.

Christians who profess to believe that God entered human history as a poor vulnerable baby, and that each man, woman and child is created in God's own image, need to act on that faith.

The Jewish Midrash says God agreed to give the people of Israel the Torah only after they offered their children as guarantors, deeming neither their prophets nor elders sufficient.

It is time to heed the prophets' call for justice for the orphans and the weak. America's Declaration of Independence says, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights America's sixth child is waiting for all of us to welcome him or her to the table in our rich land and show the world whether democratic capitalism is an oxymoron or whether it can work.

Our national creed demands it.

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All great faiths demand it. Common sense and self-interest require it. And our moral redemption and credibility in the world we seek to lead compels it.

Ending child poverty is not only an urgent moral necessity, it is economically beneficial. Nobel Laureate in Economics, wrote in Wasting America's Future that "ending child poverty is, at the very least, highly affordable" and would be a boost to the economy.

A healthy Social Security and Medicare system for our increasing elderly population need as many productive workers as possible to support them. We can ill afford to let millions of our children grow up poor, in poor health, uneducated, and as dependent rather than productive citizens.

What then can leaders do to help build the spiritual and political will needed to help our nation pass the test of the God of history and better prepare for America's future? What steps can you take to heed Dr.

King's warning not to let our wealth become our destruction but our salvation by helping the poor Lazaruses languishing at our closed gates? How can our nation use its blessings to bless all the children entrusted to our care and rekindle America's dimming dream?

As President Obama and Congress contemplate ways to stimulate our economy, let them begin by investing in a healthy, fair, head, and safe start for every American child and measures to ensure their successful transition to college and productive adulthood.

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For more information about the Children's Defense Fund, go to www.Cradle to Cradle is a development paradigm with a focus on eco-effectiveness; improving the 'positive footprint' in contrast to the more conventional eco-efficient approaches; reducing the.

Cradle to cradle Essay. Cradle-to-Cradle Design at Herman Miller: Moving Toward Environmental Sustainability. Resource Systems, the Paradigm of Zero-Waste, and the Desire for Sustenance.

Amanda Boetzkes The “cradle-to-cradle” proposition for a zero-waste society thus corresponds with the expanding scope and complex operations by which lives are deprived of plenitude and starved of excess, so that suffering and need become potential resources. Cradle to Cradle design perceives the safe and productive processes of nature’s ‘biological metabolism’ as a model for developing a ‘technical metabolism’ for industrial materials.

All products can be designed for continuous recovery and reutilization as biological or techncial nutrients within these metabolisms. In their book Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things, architect William McDonough and chemist Michael Braungart presented an integration of design and science that provides enduring benefits for society from safe materials, water and energy in circular economies and eliminates the concept of waste.

This paradigm shift. Essay: The principles of Cradle to Cradle have harnessed the international mood of environmentally conscious architecture and design; however is this theory just a .

Article "Cradle-to-cradle: the next packaging paradigm?" Essay