Anti head lice essay

Use a Venn Diagram to compare different versions of the story. School Express has done a version for the Pocket Chartincluding a quiz.

Anti head lice essay

Itch itch … head lice infestations call for swift action Illustration: According to Public Health England PHEthe only reliable way to diagnose an active infestation is to find a living, moving louse. This is because the eggs of lice nits can be mistaken for dandruff or hair muffs — oily secretions that can wrap around hair — and even if you do find a nit, it is difficult to tell whether it is dead or alive.

Not everyone with head lice will experience an itchy scalp, and itchiness could be psychological, or the result of something else, such as eczema. The best way to find a living louse is through combing: Do I need an expensive comb?

There is no evidence that double layers of teeth or electric combs are more effective, Burgess says. Combing should be performed on damp hair, in good light, and applying conditioner makes it easier. Start at the top of the head with the teeth of the detection comb touching the scalp, and gently draw the comb downwards, looking carefully at the teeth for the sesame seed-sized insects.

This physically blocks the holes through which lice breathe, suffocating them — rather than poisoning them, as older insecticides such as permethrin or malathion did.

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The key is to thoroughly soak the hair with product, and then re-treat a week later to catch any newly hatched lice. What about non-chemical treatments? For long, curly hair, this could mean 30 minutes each time.

Anti head lice essay

Companies exist that will physically remove head lice using a kind of vacuum cleaner. My child refuses to let me comb her hair. What can I do? She advises distraction techniques, such as getting someone to read them a story, as well as building combing into their regular routine. Engaging children in louse detection can prove effective: No; this idea may have come about because the static electricity generated through combing dry hair can cause lice to be flicked into the air.

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