Amber paper

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Amber paper

Matt McGuinness - Green Party: Jeremy launched the campaign on Tuesday in Manchester, with a host of celebrities, leading Labour figures Amber paper — of course — the battle bus What Labour controlled Derbyshire County Council have achieved even after the cuts from central government The Tories want to take away bus passes and winter fuel allowance.

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We are fighting against the proposals because we know how much they mean to so many people Amber Valley and Erewash in election fraud probe Derbyshire police force has been investigating alleged election fraud Derbyshire police have confirmed that a file relating to Erewash and Amber Valley constituencies has been sent to the Crown Prosecution Service as part of an alleged election fraud investigation The probe centres around the Conservative Party's use of a Amber paper bus to campaign in key seats during the General Election.

There are allegations the battle bus was used in some constituencies despite being paid for by national funds. Derbyshire police is one of 12 forces, which have been investigating the situation for the past 12 months, and a spokesman said that it is awaiting a decision by the CPS over future action "regarding two people in Amber Valley and Erewash".

Amber paper

The Crown Prosecution Service has until June to decide if it wants to take further action Lawyers have until June, two years after the alleged breach, to consider the files and decide if there is a reasonable chance of conviction in any of the cases. No-one from the constituency offices responded when the Derby Telegraph asked for a comment on the situation.

The Commission's investigation was launched following Daily Mirror and Channel 4 News allegations that the Tories had incorrectly recorded spending on the "battle bus" tour which took activists to campaign in key marginal seats.

Amber paper

The allegations centred on whether the tour should have been recorded as counting towards individual candidates' spending limits, rather than as part of the larger national spending return.

The Commission found no evidence to suggest the party had funded the Battlebus campaign to promote the success of individual candidates.


But it said there was a "clear and inherent risk" that activists on the coaches "might engage in candidate campaigning" and that "it is apparent that candidate campaigning did take place" during the tour. Derbyshire police investigate Tory general election spending The General Election of has sparked a probe into a possible breach of spending limits.With graduate school and subbing starting up again, my life is back to super busy, as I'm sure all of you are experiencing as well!

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