African-american writing websites

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African-american writing websites

Links to a variety of writing resources, including publishers and media outlets, with an emphasis on African American writing and publishing. Articles About Writing Though many of the articles on this site focus primarily on speculative fiction, this extensive list of articles offers something for all writers.

Authorlink Offers several useful blogs on writing. Experimental Writing Everything to do with experimental writing, including articles, markets, discussions, sample stories and more. Fiction Factor Resources for fiction writers, including market info.

african-american writing websites

Does not appear to have been updated since Guide to Literary Agents - Editor's Blog This site is absolutely packed with articles and information on formatting your manuscript, finding an agent, what agents want, interviews with agents, and more.

Matilija Press The webpage of writer Patricia Fry, this site offers loads of tips for writers; click the "Articles" or "For Writers" header. See also her "Writing and Publishing News" blog at http: Unfortunately the articles are listed chronologically, with no topical navigation index, so it's hard to see what's available on any given topic e.

World Wide Freelance Writer Excellent website, newsletter and market guide, with an emphasis on international non-U. WritersQuest A site dedicated to helping writers find research sources online -- loads of info! Writers Resource Centre Loads of articles on the business and craft of writing, writing prompts, and more.

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Writers Write Links, guidelines, publisher information, and more. Unfortunately, this site no longer seems to be regularly maintained, though it is still useful. A User's Guide, by Robert Weinberg A look at some statistics about publishing and writing for a living. Check Our Other Link Sections:General Overviews.

Outlining the historical conditions in which African American women’s writing developed in the United States proves crucial in understanding an .

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Independent Websites Dedicated to Authors of African Descent African Bookstore is a specialty, online bookstore, pleased to provide books on the African world wide experience, and African American experience.

African Bookstore’s information was added to our database on Dec 10, , and was last updated Aug 23, They are the famous African-American writers who have fearlessly examined cultural stigmas, provided intimate life details, presented new ideas and created remarkable fiction through literary works.

Best Websites to Teach and Learn About African-American History (Education Week) A rich collection of online sources for teachers, from Larry Ferlazzo.

Writing activities from Reading Rockets. To get your African-American ancestors back to that date you should research your ancestors in the standard genealogical records - records such as cemeteries, wills, census, vital records, social security records, school records, tax records, military records, voter records, newspapers, etc.

The guide also feature unforgettable excerpts from luminaries such as Maya Angelou, Brent Staples, Houston Baker, and pointers from bestselling African American authors E.

Lynn Harris, James McBride, John Hope Franklin, Pearl Cleage, Edwidge Danticat, and many others.

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