A brief biography of john keegan and an analysis of americas military in his book fields of battle t

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A brief biography of john keegan and an analysis of americas military in his book fields of battle t

The long-term effects of his tuberculosis rendered him unfit for military service, and the timing of his birth made him too young for service in the Second World Warfacts he mentioned in his works as an ironic observation on his profession and interests. However, his education included a period at King's College, Tauntonand two years at Wimbledon Collegewhich led to entry to Balliol College, Oxfordin Following graduation he worked at the American Embassy in London for three years.

In holding the post for 26 years, he became senior lecturer in military history during his tenure, during which he also held a visiting professorship at Princeton University and was Delmas Distinguished Professor of History at Vassar College.

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Keegan died on 2 August of natural causes at his home in Kilmingtonwestern England. He was survived by his wife, their two daughters and two sons.

When asked about the Vietnam WarKeegan repled: Americans were right to do it. I think they fought it in the wrong way. I don't think it's a war like fighting Hitler, but I think it was a right war, a correct war.

The article quotes Keegan: Keegan was described as "profoundly mistaken" and Bassford stated that "Nothing anywhere in Keegan's work — despite his many diatribes about Clausewitz and 'the Clausewitzians' — reflects any reading whatsoever of Clausewitz's own writings.

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MacKenzie describes him as a popular historian "partially or wholly seduced by [its] mystique". Commenting on this contemporary trend, Mackenzie writes that "as older generation of Waffen-SS scribes has died off, a new, post-war cadre of writers has done much to perpetuate the image of the force as a revolutionary European army" and includes Keegan in this group.Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity.

Find stories, updates and expert opinion. John Keegan is the Defence Editor of the Daily Telegraph and Britain's foremost military historian.

A brief biography of john keegan and an analysis of americas military in his book fields of battle t

The Reith Lecturer in , he is the author of many bestselling books including The Face of Battle, Six Armies in Normandy, Battle at Sea, The Second World War, A History of Warfare (awarded the Duff Cooper Prize), Warpaths, The Battle for History, The First World War, and most recently.

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